A real estate agent earns money for you in negotiation and provides a lot serenity and clarity throughout the process.

TWM Makelaardij as your agent means:

  • First access to the latest listings and housing offers, tailored to your wishes and handpicked by your personal agent every morning,
  • Professional, personal guidance from first visit up and to the notarial process and beyond.
  • We look at the property with our “real estate vision” and provide advice on various aspects of the purchase including technical, legal, association of owners, municipality, land registry, leasehold(erfpacht) and more. We advise you on what matters and what’s important.
  • We determine the market value of the property and advise you on the offer to be issued, after consultation we will put in the offer on your behalf. In addition to the price, the bidding contains important aspects such as the date of delivery, the financing clause and a possible technical inspection. We also make sure that all that is agreed upon will be correctly set up in the purchase agreement, we are also present at the final inspection and at the notarial transfer of your new house.
  • Buying a house in the current market is a challenge, there are many buyers and just a few properties, thanks to our result-oriented approach and our large network we have a high chance of buying the right property within a desired timeframe. We know when to put in the right amount of pressure and use the right amount of diplomacy.
  • We work with our own mortgage adviser, the first conversation is completely free and you will then have a professional customized calculation. The calculation is fully tailored to your situation and your wishes.
  • Purchase assignments are on a no cure, no pay basis, you pay one fixed rate that is agreed upon before starting the process.

A purchase assignment is possible from € 3.495, - including VAT.

We are looking forward to making an appointment and discussing the possibilities.