In a large number of cases, a (validated) valuation report(taxatie) is required. TWM Makelaardij can provide you with a valuation report quickly, flawlessly and at a competitive rate. A report is required when applying for a mortgage for the purchase of a property, but also in the case of switching mortage, divorce and lowering your interest rate.

Did you know that you could save hundreds of euros a month?

Due to the attractive housing market, many homes have risen significantly, so the mortgage providers are less at risk and this can save you a lot of money because they often agree to a reduction in mortgage interest because you lower your risk class. For this, you need a well-substantiated assessment report.

Our reports are accepted by all mortgage providers.

We are affiliated with the NWWI, a validation institute that oversees the quality of issued valuation reports by means of verification (validation) of all valuation reports. In addition, we are affiliated with the NRVT, this institute monitors and guarantees the quality and professional competence of the assessor.

We have a fixed all-inclusive rate of € 479,00 for a regular valuation report and €525,- for a validated valuation report. So including 21% VAT, cadastral costs and any validation costs.

An additional fee of € 25,-- applies in case a second value for a renovation needs to be added.

We don’t perform buy-to-let valuations due to changed regulations since September 2019.

The average report takes up about 3 to 4 working days.